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Terms and Conditions


Q. Why do you take a deposit for ordering in uncommon parts?

A. We now take a deposit or full payment for all special order (non van stocked parts) due to customers changing their mind or cancelling jobs after we have ordered in non-refundable parts. This had been unfairly leaving us out of pocket and stuck with parts we may never use again.

Q. If I fail to cancel an appointment will I be charged?

A. Yes, you will be charged a callout fee if you don’t give us at least 4 hours notice before the booked time. We still have to pay the Technicians wages and travel costs to visit your property just to find nobody is home, as well we miss out on booking someone else’s paying job in because we kept a booking time open for you.

Q. Why am I charged a Callout fee?

A. This fee is to cover the technicians wages, admin, fuel, travel, advertising and fixed business costs while travelling to your job. (It often takes around 30 mins to get to your job) Note: If we turn up and you’re not there and you haven’t cancelled the booking, you will still be charged the callout fee as we still have these fixed costs. (We could have been at another customers paying job instead)

Q. Will you have the parts to repair my Appliance?

A. Until we have inspected your appliance we can not guarantee we will have all the parts required to repair it on the day. We do carry around $20,000 or more of parts stock in each van which is made up of the most common parts required for most appliance repairs. When possible to diagnose the most likely fault over the phone we will often try to source the most likely common parts before attending your repair. If we need to order a part in, then return to your job to complete a repair you are not charged the full callout charge again. (We give a fixed quote including labour to finish any further work required)

Q. Are you really on time every time?

A. We take a lot of pride in being “Always Prompt” and enjoy the constant praise we receive for being on time. We always try our best to live up to our motto “On time everytime”. We give you a 1 hour window which we will arrive in. (We may still need up to an hour on average to repair your appliance once we arrive on site though)

Q. Is it dangerous to repair my own appliance?

A. Yes – even a qualified electrician may have trouble, unless experienced in appliance repairs. Some appliances could give a fatal Electric shock, even when unplugged. If wires/components are broken or not refitted correctly the appliance could cause a FIRE or INJURE OR KILL your family member or yourself due to electrical shock or fire. In most cases it is also illegal to work on your own electrical appliance, so don’t take the risk.

Q. Do I have to pay the technician on the spot?

A. Yes – We do not offer Accounts or Invoicing. We have mobile EFTPOS with every technician, we accept cash, debit cards, visa/mastercard or business chq. So there’s really NO reason not to pay on the day.

Q. Do you warranty your repairs?

A. We give a full 12 month parts and labour warranty on any parts supplied and fitted by our technicians.

Q. My dishwasher smells or leaves dirt/grime on dishes

A. For Dishwashers: We recommend at least once a month the unit is run on a “heavy” or “intensive cycle” after 15mins of operation (or when you hear the dispenser flap open) pause the unit open the door and add 1L of white vinegar to the water in the base of the unit. This cleans the dishwasher and removes water scale, grease, tablet foam or buildup etc. Also check/clean filters and clear spray arm holes from blockages.

Q. My washing machine smells or leaves dirt/grime on clothing

A. For washing machines: We recommend at least once a month the unit is run on warm/heavy duty/Soak/intensive or hot cycles. For front loaders: add 1L of white vinegar to the empty powder dispenser or tub. Top loaders: Add 4L of white vinegar to bowl, then start the cycle. This cleans the washing machine and removes water scale, grease, fabric softener or powder foam build-up etc. Also check clean lint/pump filters.

Q. Can you recommend a new Appliance?

A. Yes we can – As we repair all brands of appliances we find out the common faults/issues, cost and availability of parts and receive feedback from customers first hand, therefore we have a very good idea on which appliances you should or shouldn’t look to buy and where to currently get the best deal.

Terms and Charges

1)Standard Charges – In the Brisbane Metro area, we charge a Standard $109 Initial Callout charge to attend to your property plus $80 for up to the first 30 minutes of labour. Therefore, we charge a minimum callout and labour charge of $189 plus parts*.

*(Pensioner or Student Discounted rates may apply)

Extra travel charges may apply if your location is more than 30 mins from Brisbane CBD.

Most faults can be diagnosed and possibly repaired within this time. If the job does take longer than 30 minutes, we charge $40 per additional 15 minutes. Our technicians do work very quickly and will keep you informed of the estimated time to diagnose the fault or complete the job.

Our technicians have very well stocked vans with a vast range of Common and Universal parts for most makes and models. In the case that you do require parts that we don’t carry in our vans, we only charge an additional $29 Call-back charge plus parts and labour to complete the job. We will EMAIL you a fixed price Quote or Estimate for Approval, before ordering any parts.

We Require payment via credit card or bank transfer before ordering any nonstock parts. We endeavour to email a quote to you within 48 business hours of attendance.

2)Attendance We give a time window (e.g. 1-1.5hr) of when we will attend as the technician may arrive either end of this window, we require you to be available for a minimum of 1 hour after this window.

3)Cancellation – If you need to cancel or reschedule a job, we require a minimum of 4 hours’ notice before your booking time by Phone or Email to [email protected] during our business hours (7:30am to 4:30pm Mon to Fri) or a cancellation fee of $89 maybe charged at our discretion.

4)Payment Terms – Strictly COD, Unless agreed by us in writing in advance of our attendance. We require payment before our attending technician leaves your job location via Cash, Eftpos, MasterCard or Visa.

If the person or entity paying is not able to be in attendance on the day, valid credit card details are required to be kept on file in our office until the job is completed. By Providing these card details you authorise us to charge the credit card all outstanding charges, if payment is not given to our employee in attendance on the day.

5)Debt Collection – If payment has not been received while out technician is in attendance.  Within 7 days of the invoice date, a letter is sent to the debtor advising that debt collection will commence if the invoice is not paid in full within 14 business days of the original attendance date. At this time the debt will be passed on to a debt collection agency and all costs associated with this process and recovering this debt will be added to the outstanding debt to be collected.

6) Protection of Property – If your appliance is heavy or built in, we take care when uninstalling the appliance from the cabinetry or moving it to gain access to repair it. As we are not professional furniture removalists we will take care to avoid any damage but take no liability for damage to floors or cabinets. If damage to your floor or cabinets is a concern/possibility, we highly recommend the unit is uninstalled from any cabinetry or the floor/property is protected before we attend.

If the unit isn’t uninstalled, we require your instruction and will assist you in moving it so to avoid any damage.

7) Lost of food, Damage to Clothing and damage other items.  We take all care possible to ensure that your appliance will be reliable and operational after any repairs.  We do not accept liability for any damage caused by the breakdown of your appliance or delays in sourcing parts.  We do not cover loss of food under any circumstances or damage to clothing.

8) Parts Breaking – We take great care when dismantling and reassembling your Appliance to reduce the risk of parts breaking due to be brittle with age, excessive use, being of poor quality or design.  There is a very high risk of parts of your Appliance breaking while attempting to repair, dismantle and reassemble old appliances. This is also the case with all appliances where the parts a glued, stuck or fused together.  We do not take any liability for this damage, due to it being unforeseeable and in most cases unpredictable.   In some cases, parts which break are no longer available from the Appliance manufacturers. In this case we will attempt to locate alternative or universal parts to repair the unit, this is not guaranteed, and the cost will be borne by the customer.

9) Dispute resolution:

For any complaints or disputes these must be emailed in writing to: [email protected]

If the issue is not addressed to your satisfaction.  We request that before taking any external action against our company please give us a chance to negotiate a fair and acceptable resolution.  Please Attention your correspondence to “Attn Management” and email: [email protected]

We pride ourselves on being a fair and ethical company.  We appreciate at times there can be disagreements, miscommunication, misunderstanding and frustrations.  We will always try our best to negotiate an acceptable resolution to any issues or concerns which arise.

If we still can’t come to a fair, mutually satisfactory agreement, you must then contact the Department of Fair Trading, so they can help mediate a resolution between both parties.

Email: [email protected]

Web: http://www.qld.gov.au/law/fair-trading/

If you reject the Department of Fair Trading’s recommendation or advice, you then have no right to leave a bad review or take any further action against our company in any form.

Negative Online Reviews:  We support freedom of speech including fair, honest and reasonable online reviews based on proven facts and evidence.

We reserve the right to sue for all damages including our legal fees, court cost and Loss of Company Turnover in full, if an untrue or unproven negative review or articles are published online mentioning our company, subsidiaries or trading names without our prior written consent.

These terms maybe modified or updated from time to time.  Please read them in full before employing our services.

Last updated 3/03/2022

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