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Maintenance Managers

Always Prompt Repair Services has a Reliable Team of Expert, Licensed Technicians servicing the whole Greater Brisbane Area.

We carry most common parts in our heavily stocked vans and we have highly efficient office staff supporting our technicians while keeping you up to date and well informed. This ensures a quality Repair process from start to finish.

We Are the Most Trusted Appliance Repair Company by Maintenance Manager Across Brisbane, We Can Efficiently Manage All of Your Appliance Repair/Maintenance Needs.

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Account Customer/ Maintenance Managers – Terms and conditions

We require formal Maintenance Orders with appliance details and tenant’s details via email only.
Please note the following:
1. GAS repairs (Gas cooktops and Gas oven are only available on the Brisbane North side, Bayside, and Redlands & Central Brisbane). This is by Special Request as all our technicians are not Gas Licenced
2. We do not specialise in commercial appliance repairs, although we can service or repair these
on a case-by-case basis.
3. We do not service Miele Brand appliances. (Except Ovens)
4. We DO NOT service Kleenmaid Dishwashers. We DO Repair all other Kleenmaid Appliances


Maintenance orders need to contain the following information about the appliance/appliances.
1. Brand of appliance
2. Gas or Electric (cooktop/ovens only)
3. Specific info on faulty parts, i.e.: Left Hand Rear Large Cooktop Element or Grill element in
4. Would you like us to attend with or without parts prior to a diagnosis? 

Model numbers

We require model numbers. Please note that all specially ordered parts are non-refundable if:
(A) we receive incorrect information on required parts
(B) The part ordered is not required.
All jobs require guaranteed parking onsite only.
1. Minimum 2.1m clearance for undercover parking.
2. Paid parking not considered guaranteed parking.

Access to Jobs

1. If our technicians require security clearance enter buildings, please organise this prior to their arrival.
2. Please advise if technician must report to main reception/office on arrival.
3. You will be charged for any safety analysis that our technicians perform on site. The charge will be at our normal rate and is in addition to the labour component of the job.
 Due to time constraints, we do not collect keys from Real Estate offices. Unless the office is
onsite, or prior arrangements have been made.
 Please note: If we have booked a time with a tenant and they do not show up for the
appointment, it is up to your company to ensure we are still paid for the call out fee of $89.


Reimbursement to the owner for no shows is between the tenants and yourselves/owners
 As our contract is between yourself and Always Prompt Repairs Pty Ltd, it is the responsibility of
your institution to ensure all invoices are paid as per the agreed terms.
 A pre-approved owner limit of $300 is recommended. This will allow us to complete the job on
the spot if we have the part on hand, which will save the owner a second call out fee to go back
to the job for quotes under $300. If we do not have the part/s on hand, we will forward a quote
to the appropriate Property Manager and will await the owner’s approval before we order parts
to proceed with repairs.
 Special ordered parts from suppliers are often non-refundable, therefore parts exceeding the
cost of $200 requires a deposit of 50% of the part and the postage and handling fee.

Office hours

 Normal Office hours are Monday to Friday 7.30am – 4.30pm, outside these hours you are able
to leave a message.
 The Technicians starting and finishing times do vary, depending on the area which is serviced.
 Within the greater Brisbane region, we charge $149 which includes the call out fee and first half
hour of labour. Outside of Brisbane attracts additional charges. Most faults can be diagnosed
and sometimes repaired within this first half hour. Should further labour be required, this is
charged at $30 per 15 mins. If it’s a common fault and we have the part on hand, you are just up
for the call out, labour and price of the replacement part. If it is an uncommon fault and we
don’t carry the part we will need to go away and source the part. We can then get back to you
with a competitive quote to repair the unit.

New accounts

 We will not order any parts without your written approval in an email.
 For all new accounts, we offer a 14 Day account on the basis that a company credit card is kept
on file for our security.
 In the instance that an account is overdue by more than 30 Days, the credit card will be used to
pay outstanding funds.
 A written receipt/tax invoice will be emailed to the appropriate agent.
 If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate in contacting us on 07 3393-6514

How to proceed

Pease email us at admin@alwayspromptrepairs.com.au to receive an Account Request Form and confirm you’ve read and
accepted our terms and conditions.

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